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5" on sticks
For this centerpiece we use 5" latex balloons and put them on sticks coming out of a base. we add tinsel sticks to add flair. All colors are customizable but time is needed to order personalized colors.
$10 each
mylar on quads
Helium bouquet
Our center pieces are completely customizable and can be anything you imagine. we have a few options with traditional designs but feel free to send us your ideas and we can see what we can design to best fit your event.
This centerpiece is your choice of mylar balloon (number, letter, or other) stacked on top of 2 quad sets of 5" balloons. all colors are customizable
3 11" latex balloons filled with heliun and attached to a standard base. (or a of your choice may change the price)
Mason Jar Bouquet
A single helium balloon wrapped in tulle then attached to a mason jar with flowers of your choice. 
Mylar on 5" quad
Mini column
Any 18" mylar of your choice attached to a quad of 5" latex balloons
A miniature column about 12"-18" tall with a mylar of your choice attached to the top.
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Mini column on pole
A pole with 3 quads of 5" latex balloons with a mylar of your choice attached to the top.
Organic runner
A runner of 5" latex balloons in an organic pattern made to any length and with any colors you choose.
$10 a linear foot